Back Again


Well, I’m back where I belong. Okay, not back where I belong, but… you get the idea. Flight was great. Took off on time. Got to love the ICE systems on the KWT-DXB route! Listening to classics from the 60s-90s and early 00s – love those! Depeche Mode, Spice Girls (before they were annoying), Pink Floyd, Cher (yeah!), Oasis, among others. I must’ve played DM’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ close to a hundred thousand times until I stumbled upon ‘A Question of Lust’, which was played half a million times I’m sure.

Landing in Dubai, I had a long stop for the connecting flight, so I’d booked a hotel with Emirates. Hotel was good. I thought I’d roam around, considering how I was bored and the hotel smack in the centre of the city. But I was tired, and it was H-O-T and humid outside. I don’t think I would’ve lasted fifteen minutes out there. Bleh. Anyhow, I slept a long time and, well, missed dinner – almost. Had kebabs and biriyani and what-not – a full course buffet! Bliss for a bear like me. Not bad at all. I would’ve posted from there, but the internet’s so darned expensive there! Thirty dirhams for half an hour?! No, thank you, I’ll use the free Wi-Fi at the airport!

The next leg was okay-ish. You know, Kerala flight – lots of Keralites and foreign tourists. And me. Not a foreigner, not a Keralite either. Stuck in the middle. Germans to the left, Keralites to the right. I didn’t know what to do. Germans slept the whole four-hour flight without eating anything, and the locals, went the whole flight without not drinking anything alcoholic. I? MUSIC! And TV! ICE FTW!

Airport was a disaster. Took years for my baggage to arrive. I must’ve gotten a few wrinkles waiting for the baggage. And before that, the immigration. ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘Studying.’ ‘Do you have proof?’ Er, yeah. I whip out my college ID, and he lets me go. WTF, though! I didn’t know I had to PROVE it. What if I said I simply came here to visit my friends? Was I supposed to get proof for that too?

I’m supposed to be studying here. ‘Studying’, more like. The atmosphere here, ugh. Rain, rain, the whole day. Yeah, I love rain, but not when I’m supposed to be studying. It distracts me. Rain’s got a over-riding priority over nearly everything else in my life – including wet electronics. I love being out there, just letting it wash over my skin and hair. It’s just so… blissful? I don’t know – is there a word for it? I love it.

But not now, please. I don’t want to go out and get wet. I don’t want to sit and write an epic poem on rain and lovers. No, I want to study. I have goals in life – they’ve over-riding priorities too, but with the rain in the picture – it’s always a matter of ‘heart or head’? See, my head’s in studying but my heart’s out there. And I know more than better than to trust that heart of mine. On the other hand, I know better than to trust my head, too (courtesy: Exams).  So I’m stuck in the middle.

Maybe I should write a poem about it.

And hope the power doesn’t fail again.

(Maybe a poem on that too, the power failures.)


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