The Rotten Apple


I can’t think of it in any other way. There are some people who just won’t change, no matter what. No matter the fact that they can see how much it hurts them, or others. Why? I’ve asked this question. I’ve gotten answers – the most common one being ‘I’m afraid’. Afraid? Holy Goodness, afraid? Afraid of what? (That too I’ve asked – I’m not reserved when I ask.) Apparently afraid of what they’ll turn into. I don’t understand, I’m afraid.

How can one be afraid of what they’re going to turn into? Heck, if we all had a vision of the future, I don’t think many of us would be meeting each other at all! Of course we don’t know what change will bring us – no one does. But unless one’s tried, how do you know? It’s not like not changing at all is doing any good anyway. Funny, some people are.

Like rotten apples. Funny tastes. Not good themselves, but won’t let anyone else be either, in time.


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