Well, I don’t have to tell you. You’ve already noticed changes. Physical. Behavioural. Technological.

On the blog.  New theme: Modularity Lite. I’ve found that it suits the content of the blog: a dark theme, two-columns because I have nothing but updates to pour out, a four-column footer and small, nice-looking title. Just perfect. Especially for the photos, since there’re no other distractions to draw you away from the (ahem) awesomeness of my pictures. Haha! No, really. Also added my Twitter feed to the sidebar on the right, so that you can follow my quicker updates there (since I can’t update so much on the move: laptop’s a hassle to carry around everywhere here).

I kind of like it now. Might even pique my interest a little more, so that I invest more time into this. (Currently have a busy schedule – need to incorporate this into it.)

Well, here it is! Ta da!

Possible future update(s):

Slideshow for the mainbar, or a single-column layout. Let’s see.


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