‘Go Blog About It’


Well that’s what I was told this morning. I hate my Fridays being ruined like this (also by the likes of Rebecca Black). But it’s made me think, and reread what I’ve written here from the point of you, the reader. It’s all very monotonous, me ranting about something or the other (or someone or the other) and complaining about it. I should classify this blog under the ‘CAUTION: EMO’ category. Sheesh.

So I’ve decided to do some restructuring – MAJOR restructuring. I’m probably going to link back to or copy some of my old posts from my previous blogs, and then, later in the evening (if I get around to it), write about a typical day in my life. Yesterday would be the best example of a typical day. I’ll describe that, I guess.

Till then shalt thou wait here. Or go around for a stroll or something. Talk to your girlfriend. Something. Just make sure you’re back.


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