Shutterbug Thoughts


This one I’ve pulled out from my now-inactive Kuwait to Kollam blog.

I’m a shutterbug, there’s no doubt about it. I take photos of everything I can, hoping to one day create a picture diary of all the things I’ve seen and done, rather than plain-vanilla text (like this blog). But in the recent days, I’ve been busy, so busy that I haven’t been able to whip out my camera and take photos of everything that’s happened here (another reason is that I wanted to conserve battery for the day – you never know who’s going to call when). And I’ll tell you – I enjoyed that.

That little absence from my colourful world of photographs and pictures and portraits led me to another side of life here – one that I haven’t seen in a while. I realised how much I miss (or make myself miss, rather) when I hold the camera in my hand, ready for just the moment to snap the shutter and get a frozen moment for eternity. But the picture holds only so much emotion. The laughter, the fun, the angst, the thrill – there’s not much a picture can convey. Even with Fatty on the train, I’d barely taken a few pictures, instead focusing on talking – something that was more intimate and better than having a photo to laugh about after all these years have passed. Photos can only do so much.

As I type this, I feel so bad inside. I’ve been a photographer (amateur, but a photographer nonetheless), and now to rebuke myself for being all that for all this time cuts me. I cannot possibly imagine how much I’ve missed this past year just so that I could take a photograph.

*sigh* There’s some thought to think over. If only we could digitise what we saw and remembered…

I still think over this sometimes – because in the end, when you lose all these photos – all organic residues and strings of 0s and 1s, the one thing that’ll forever remain and never be taken away from you (unless you’re Dory) are the memories you create. It’s a difficult choice to make – to live the moment and live it forever, or to capture the moment, and live in that moment forever.

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