Back At Me, Full Square Circle


I need an outlet for all these thoughts inside my head, but I need to be careful. Superheated steam, they are – burns and scalds are all they’ll cause. I need a proper channel. I was hoping this blog would’ve been the proper outlet for all that – in fact I’d made this for that. But sometimes it just doesn’t come out, you know? All you want to talk about, but there’s nothing to tell anyone.

Sure, I could dam it all inside until I was full or the dam burst, but that means nearly killing so much. So much destruction I can’t handle.

So I’ve decided to go back to my old habit of writing stories (fiction, often an over-imagination of my reality) and poems (glum, cryptic, critical, cynical, and always mushy). A book, most likely. Okay, maybe just a collection, but it’ll all be under title. And I know what (or rather, who) I’m going to write about.


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