My To-Do List


A lot of people have to-do lists. I don’t. At least, there’s no physical one. My list is like a heap, random additions and deletions without much bother (of course, when I realise what had to be done was classified as high priority and I’d deleted that…). But I have one, it’s just not concrete enough, and not something I can look at and tell myself, ‘Hey! You better get working on that!’ So I’ve decided to write down my short term (within two years, that’s ‘before leaving college’) and my long term (within ten, fifteen years) lists. Of course, it’s not something that’ll fully be crossed out – that depends on so much. There’s no order of priority (for now), it’s how much I remember.


  1. Go on an all-Kerala/South India tour.
  2. Go on an all-India tour with college friends.
  3.  Top my class.
  4. Build up that body!
  5. Get some good, useful skills. I mean, I have some – but they’re not upto the mark.
  6. Stand up on my own two feet.
  7. Find a nice, affordable wireless internet connection, which doesn’t suck at speed.
  8. Be a better person everyday.
  9. Escape.


  1. Rise through the success ladder.
  2. Go for a world tour.
  3. Be a creative scientist in one of the arts.
  4. Stay in each country for a couple of weeks at least.
  5. Visit Mars, and the Moon.
  6. Be epic.
  7. Be a better person each day.
  8. Discover time travel and reject the TKM Offer Letter.
  9. Stop procrastinating and learn to forget things.
  10. Get a nice shiny phone the day they release it.
  11. Learn to fly a plane or a helicopter.
  12. Own my private jetplane. 😀
  13. Own at least one of the following: McLaren F1 GTR, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja, Hummer H1, Chevrolet Excursion XLT, Pontiac Trans Sport, Mercedes CLK-GTR, Mercedes SLS AMG, Ducati Monster, a Piaggio, Pontiac Trans-Am, Mercedes CL500.
  14. Learn to drive a car (not to worry, I’ll probably hire someone if I don’t).
  15. Raze Kollam.


I guess that’s about it. I might be joking about the last one, I don’t know. Let’s hope. 🙂


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