May the Force Be With You


May the Force Be With You

Hey there again everyone, been a little busy, haven’t I? Of course you don’t know that. Haha! 😀

While I was away, I was working on this: a fantasy sketch of the five of us (Lax, Fat, Div, Babu and me). I ended up making this, in the end. Admittedly, I messed it up a lot and had to draw and redraw the guy. Well, mistakes learnt and all, I went for the female, only to find that I had to somehow figure out the female anatomy from my head (*ahem* no; I studied human anatomy in school – that’s my excuse). Otherwise it came out alright. I’m happy I’ve improved over the last time (‘I Don’t Know’), but I know I’ve still a long way to go.

I’ve learned to go along a path now, stick figures to bodies to clothes and finally onto the accessories and the lighting and colour, et cetera. It’s not that difficult. I just need to practice more. And maybe go for classes? I’m not sure.

More updates to follow soon. Yes, the story is being worked on, and this is not artwork for it.


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