Saturdays and Sundays


I’ve been on a workathon lately – college event management, poster, brochure and art work, website management, college project-work, interviews, languages, book-writing and reading, travelling etc – the list goes on and on.

I’ve also (re)found a lost love for writing and art again. I had a block for over a year and I think it’s finally clearing. I’ve had a lot on my mind; it’s funny how one little thing can destroy you from the inside-out. And what better place for that than here? Work’s not going to end, I know that, but I think I can have at least the weekend off, even if for a few hours. 

I’ll try to work out a schedule that allows for me to post at least a major post on weekends (not sure about what – mostly whatever is on my mind during the week or when I’m writing, I’m not sure). In between maybe I’ll post any bits and pieces of poetry that fall off the top of my head. 

Oh, and I’m also working on two art projects at the moment. I call them Project F and Project J. I’ll post updates here as and when I can.


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