Giving In


Well I’ve given in (or, finally gotten around to) making a reddit account and my old deviantArt account (~thekaricodist) active. Also uploaded some stuff to my GitHub (/thekaricodist) account, finally! Nothing much there, but I think it’s a much better habit to develop by spending time on reddit, GitHub and dA than on shitty Facebook with all the narcissistic, facetious and goody-two-shoes people on FB. Somehow I don’t understand that demographic – I mean, there has to be a reason why all the mean-spirited people appear to all have populated Facebook, right? Useless arguments, fights, no sense of empathy, a total disregard for anyone’s feelings, the air of being more important (‘i ve mor lyks than u!!!!1’) – the list goes on.

I’ll just keep my account open because there are people on there that I cannot afford to lose touch with, but I think it’s time to move on from Facebook.

Oh, and I came across this absolutely splendid DnB mix yesterday – must hear in the morning!


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