Breaking the Habit


I have a friend (a really good one too) and she’s smart, pretty, friendly, passionate, focused, creative (in her own way), enthusiastic and a good shoulder to lean on. Somehow I can never measure up to her, despite her insistence that I am better than her. (Roll eyes.) But somehow I lack that focus she has, that ability to do something that I cannot do in a given amount of time. Does it irk me? Yes, it does. Am I jealous? Yeah, I am, in a good way. I’m proud of her, and I’m happy she’s an example I look up to. (She’s got her own problems, but I don’t mind them much; the good outweighs the bad.)

Sitting back over a cup of coffee and some Pink Floyd, I thought about how life was before college – I was kind of like her (just not pretty – haha), able to do what I was asked of, focused, determined. I’m not sure if it was this place or if it was Facebook that did this. Probably the two combined. But this place isn’t THAT bad. I mean, I’m not the only one here. I’m not the only one who thinks this place deserves to be forgotten and gotten over, I’m not the only one who’s been let down by the endless downturn of events etc. Sure, it’s got its bad side of things (what/who doesn’t?), but it’s all attitude. You find a friend and stick it out with them.

And then I came across this site, Facebook Detox – a blog that focuses on why ‘social’ networking has become more of an ‘asocial’ networking. And then it hit me how much I’ve been addicted to seeing what everyone else has been ‘doing’ in their lives to the point where I’ve not been doing what I have to do in mine. It’s not an encouraging thought. After I lost my phone (still haven’t gotten back to having a proper phone – still run on borrowed numbers), I realised how little I actually lost by not having Facebook, Twitter etc in my pocket and at my fingers at all times. In fact I barely use the phone nowadays (except call people in emergencies etc). The result? A peace of mind, a little more focus on the task at hand. And definitely a reduced phone bill. It was a win-win – I lost nothing by not having Facebook. And reading FB Detox, I kind of find that I will actually lose NOTHING if I just deactivate and request Facebook to delete my account permanently. I still have email and a phone number I can be reached on. Facebook isn’t necessary anymore, and so I’m breaking the habit, tonight.


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