I’m moving the science/tech/coding/geek stuff over to my new website: The Karicoder (groan! See note.). Nothing much on there now, just a simple ‘hello world’ C++ program.

I thought of keeping it as a journal to all the studying I’m doing now and to keep me motivated to keep going on. I remember when I started drawing and I got told off by the teacher for not doing a good enough job. Now I’m better, and still learning. Might put up some of the old drawings once I get the scanner out.

Meanwhile, this blog will be keeping the old stuff and I’ll try to post regularly. It’s Ramadan and I don’t get much time off to make a worthwhile post. Until later.

Note: The Karicoder, because I’m very attached to the Karicodist moniker and because I have a major creative block that prevented me from getting a catchy and personal pet project blog name. 😀

Edit: Forgot the note. 😛


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