Hello again! The other day I was going through my Twitter timeline, and I saw this post on how to avoid procrastinating (a skill I excel at). The post recommended – among other things – writing, and suggested using Ommwriter. A quick search told me it was a text editor.

I already use Sublime Text 2 and it is pretty, well, sublime – beautiful colours and layout and syntax highlighting (for programming). I haven’t used anything else after getting it, so there wasn’t any particular reason I should even try Ommwriter. I gave the intro video a try and I had to get it!

It’s a neat application, not really good for writing a report (as in Word), but great for writing a beautiful composition. It has ambient background music that gives you that nice relaxing comfort zone to focus. There is a small choice of music to match your mood, as is a set of coloured backgrounds for mood-lighting. In addition, you can turn on sounds for each key you press, so you get an audio feedback as you type. Merge the three features with the minimal interface and all you’ll do is write! I managed to write an imaginary apology letter to someone I should’ve apologised to and it turned out, well, pretty nice. I’m not good at apologies.

All in all, it’s pretty good, and I might just use this for all my future (creative) writing on the computer. The only feature missing is saving directly to .txt format (it saves as PDF, though). But it’s not a deal-breaker for me – I can live with it.

You can get it from the Ommwriter website here, but you’ll have to register via email to get the registration code for Dana II (it seems free, still – as of July 27, ’13).


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