Poem: Classroom Experience



She sits solitary,
Thrown aside, unwanted.
By a raucous group
Of empty classes.
Echoing her sobbing sorrows:
An empty glass.
No teacher to teach her
He’s gone.
No friend to hold her hand
While she’s alone.
Echoing emotions
Each inducing the other.
She looks up:
A pure waxed beauty.
Her joy wanes
To an abyss from nothing.
Curse fate
Her eyes still cry.
Whom to blame?
She with all of only herself.
No more of him
No more guiding light when all is dim.

She ends it
Cutting herself free.
She says; I’ll miss you.
Her hands fall
Lifeless at what she did.
A red bloom
Finishes off the purple gloom.
The class silences
She stops her needless sobbing.
Her eyes glassy:
She stares into the distance
Staring forever.


Written: 2007


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