My academic life in GIFs


This was too good to not be reblogged. 😀


I hold a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Here’s how it happened.

1. Every evening,after class.



2.Every day, during class.


3. When someone tries to tell you that gpa doesn’t matter. 


4. By the end of the semester, you realize : 


5. Timetable’s out : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


6. When someone reminds you about the Uni exams during study holidays. 


7. Yet you somehow manage to sit to study, but after 10 minutes :


8. So you make a study group.


9. Someone agrees to teach you that Part-B “sure question.”


10. When an exam gets postponed, because of some Athletic Meet you haven’t even heard of.


11. When an exam does not get postponed even though you heard of some Athletic Meet which clashed with the exam dates.



12. The…

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