Poem/Short Story: The Tale of Two Flags


It’s been quite
A long time since I’ve done this,
So maybe you’ll have to forgive me
If I go amiss!

It doesn’t mean that
I will go wrong, oh come on,
You think after just one year
This poet has gone?

Nah, no, my spirit lives on
In about what I write,
Whether it’s the weather,
You, or my recent fight.

Surely, you must be bored
Already of my long talk,
I can see it all
In your eyes and the way you walk.

But before I begin
My this tale for you I must say,
Once the story begins,
You must not ever go away.

Because this story is about
Something many revere,
And to a greater extent
About somebody’s big fear.

So it’s my request to you
Dear readers, listeners,
Spreaders, gossipers:
Do not change what you hear.

For if you dare do,
Prepare yourself for the worst,
The Captain Wixen might arrive
And leave you cursed!

Hehehe, I knew I’d get you
Freaked at the start,
No, this is no secret,
But just a professional art!

Yeah, thirty six lines is too long
For a foreword,
Without delay then I must advance
Straight forward!

So this story’s about an adventure on the seas,
About a captain
And an Admiral brought to his knees.

This is his story, one that he told me
Thrice himself,
This is it, in his words,
As much as I remember myself:

The Interceptor, she has been
Absolutely destroyed,
Her remains, I’ve left her
To floating in the void.

I have no idea
What had happened, why she blew up,
But I think
I now realise what it is I messed up.

That’s why maybe
I’ve come back to where I belonged,
To retrace my steps
And apologise to all I wronged.

I’ve seen the results
Of all my heartless pirating,
And the Wixen,
She’s doing well what I’m now hating.

I guess she’s a really good one,
The truest pirate,
She’s swift, skilled,
Strong and seductive of late.

She’s a mighty ruler, a true captain,
A conqueror:
They say
She already captured me – it’s a rumour!

But I guess that
She’s left me, and I’m not grateful,
To catch the attention of her,
It’s all too fateful.

But right now, I’ve returned back
To tell her news,
About just this ship of legend
Sailing on the loose.

“There is this ship
That sails called the Friendship,
An enchanted magical vessel
Sailing on a life’s trip.

“Oddly, from what I presently know,
It’s invincible,
And more oddly, that’s all we know
Though visible.

“All the more we know of it
Is its flag of Loyal T,
A strong and undefeated flag,
Even by any royalty!

“A fine and truly mighty flag,
Captain if I say so,
But how to capture its helm,
Captain I do not know.

“Cannons and bombs, they yet have not hurt it
At all,
And its heart, its crew,
I do not think it’ll fall.

“Its sails, they are special,
They keep it moving,
And even if they’re damaged,
She’s never showing!

“But even so, some believe that
It has been broken,
I don’t like to believe so
Since very few’ve spoken.

“They say a mutiny caused it to split
Bow and stern,
Both parts lost seemingly forever,
Never to return.

“But somehow,
They say, her magic managed to prevail,
The ship became one
And again Friendship did sail.”

“Tell me why, pray,
Admiral, shall I listen to you?
Many seasons ago when I had to speak
What did you do?

“Tell me, Admiral,
If there is any worth to listen,
Because I’m tired
Of all the saltwater that glistens?

“Tell me, Admiral, tell me
Why you had to abandon me,
When I had proved
I would be loyal for all eternity?

“Tell me one good reason
Why we must have Friendship,
When it’s been proved
You aren’t worthy of friendship?”

I had no sincere words to say to her
For the truth:
Yes, when help was dire,
Her in the back I did shoot.

I did not have a reason then
And yet still I do not,
I considered it passing
But yet it I haven’t forgot.

“I realise I was not loyal
To you as you were to me,
I failed my part,
I betrayed you, on that I’ll agree.

“But don’t do this, we’re pirates
Captain, you know it.”
“If being a pirate means this then,
Heck, I’ll quit!”

Silence hovered between us
Both for quite some time,
Both of us lost
In ourselves and a committed crime.

“Forgiveness; you’ll have to
Take her if you want us.”
“We could take her on too,
But cause a greater ruckus!”

She stood and said: “I’ll leave you here
To contemplate.”
She left me in
And I realised: It was all a little late.

As I spent the night at the isle’s inn
In deep thought,
I pondered in my dreams
Of the dilemma I’d now brought.

There was no Friendship
Without the Wixen, that was sure,
But to seek Forgiveness with her,
It really did not lure.

I really had no choice,
Only a difficult and tough one,
I couldn’t let her
Underestimate Forgiveness and be done.

Forgiveness, she’s bigger than Friendship
And even meaner,
They say she alone made the largest of navies leaner!

“Alongside the deck of Friendship
Sails another dauntless,
So strong and yet so unique,
She’s the fear of Forgiveness.”

They both, Friendship and Forgiveness,
Sail paired as one,
All harm upon Friendship’s hull,
By only Forgiveness undone.

“Captain I beg of you
To please just try and understand,
Both these ships we will pursue,
They go hand-in-hand!”

“Consequences are of no matter
To a pirate such as I,
I’m going to take Forgiveness
Even if it means to die!”

“Calm yourself, you still speak much
As before, Captain.
And even if you capture her alive,
What plans then?”

“I plan later,
Dearest Admiral, yet I always act first,
But even so, after Forgiveness,
I will quench my thirst.”

“And if I may Captain,
Might I be so curious to ask,
What thirst of yours
Would be quenched from the task?”

“My one wish to rid this world of you
Once and for all,
Because with you Admiral,
All the hatred in me will fall.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Weeks passed from that day
Forth before we’d set sail,
Weeks of preparations as we followed
Our prey’s trail.

“Welcome aboard the Wicked Vixen,
Admiral, to your home.”
Oh how true it was that
On the Vixen I did the seas roam.

I had lost it to her that dark day
When I had betrayed,
She would’ve still been mine,
If only I had just stayed.

On the twenty-eighth day
We raised anchor and moved on,
Captain Wixen hoped by dusk
Dark clouds would’ve gone.

“Why do you seem so
Saddened and wilted like a dead rose?
And since when in history
Have you been afraid of those?”

“Ever since, Admiral,
You cast those clouds on my life.”
At that moment I felt
Deeply apologetic for her strife.

I have no words with which
One could only express her,
Anything I would say,
Everything would only depress her.

But my sympathy for her then
Lasted only for so long,
I forgot she was still furious for all
I’d done wrong.

“But everything will be alright
At the end of our journey,
After you have Friendship
And me my Forgiveness, honey.

“Oh, how I forget I will have
The Wicked Vixen to me too,
And with the crew as mine,
There’s nothing you can do!

“Do not worry though Admiral,
Your death will be quick,
And I will surely enjoy watching
Your blood flow thick.”

I never paid attention to those words of hers
In reality,
For I knew she couldn’t have Forgiveness
With my fatality.

I said to her: “It’s all decided
Only by the One above,
Whether we choose to end this
In absolute hate or love.”

“You still do not understand
That fate is in our hands,
It is ours to decide
If our life is silken cloth or strands.”

I was amazed
At how quickly she had broken her chains,
But yet puzzled
By the fear she produced when it rains.

I bade her farewell,
Which she cruelly dismissed off,
And as I left,
I was pretty sure I heard her scoff.

I passed down the damp deck
Stairs to my quarters below,
Where Captain Wixen had stayed
Only not so long ago.

Never had I been much
To this part of the ship before,
Where the sea slopped
Its water on the wooden floor.

Such was the level of ignorance
I had imparted on her,
Such was a heinous crime
Falsified by all that I utter.

The sea suddenly turned
Soundless right at that moment,
I put my ear to the hull when suddenly
Flying I went.

A loud clamour and commotion filled
My ears and eyes,
Dazed, shaken and all
But alright I was to my surprise.

I was knee-deep in water
Stained red by my own blood,
Rising quickly
And slowly turning the colour of mud.

My legs and arms failed to hold
The weight they carry,
The world around me slowly began
Growing dark and starry.

My vision blended
With the water washing me while dying,
Hiding away all the apologies in the tears
I was crying.

An angel’s hands
Lifted me up just as I began to let go,
I faded to nothing
Uttering words that all had to know.

I kept dreaming
In my assumed absolutely worthless death,
Of how I had died
A coward right to my very last breath.

Faces swam right
In front of my closed and lifeless eyes,
Faces of people and places
That never saw the next sunrise.

My still heart throbbed viciously
And made me loudly scream,
Yet I heard faint voices that said:
“He sees a guilty dream.”

The voices faded
And I said to myself: “It’s in your head;
There is no way they’re here;
They are alive – you are dead.”

“Think not negative,
Admiral of the Fleet, you are yet here,
You still live here in our hearts
Despite our greatest fear.”

The voices had returned to me again
And now began to haunt;
I tried to make them
Disappear, though that I did not want.

“Admiral, you need to be still
While there is a safe window,
Hold on to us strongly and I promise you
We won’t let go.”

I thrashed and I kicked in
My lifeless existence, no doubt,
Trying to be rid
Of these voices and faces that called out.

“Stop it now; you’re making a complete mess
Of my all work;
Stop it Admiral, be still
While you can and don’t be a jerk.”

“Be not so rude to him,
He is still weak of heart and flesh,
His soul is so willing
But he’s strained it all in a mesh.

“Let him relax and all will be fine,
Never you now worry,
My Admiral will be alright,
He already is, the blueberry.”

My heart was still again as I died
Once more in my afterlife,
Searing pain stabbed me
As though someone hit me with a knife.

“Hold still,
You’re losing your red,” the voice said again,
“You run the risk of bleeding
Voluntarily to death then.”

I was still weak
And believed I was a useless, chopped log,
Lost in the valleys of death
Stuck in an intoxicating fog.

I simply gave in
To what they had to say and instruct me;
I’m immortal by death,
I thought, none can destruct me.

“Your blood is very precious to us,
Keep yourself together.
If you die for me again,
Admiral, there will be no other.”

My heart, my extinct heart beat furiously
To these words,
Like a stormy wind
Blowing away cattle, perhaps whole herds.

My heart beat itself
But my body could no longer bear it,
I clasped my hand to my chest
Just like I wished to tear it.

The pain swelled in me,
My hands moved, to my utter shock,
I felt hurt, I tried calling these voices
To make them talk.

I heard their voices,
Faint and distant far away across,
“You must not let him up,
Or it will be his life’s loss.”

I figured their intent,
To try to keep me in death alive,
I made up my mind to fight
Even if it comes to one to five.

I thrashed and throbbed through
The struggle to resurrect,
When the hand of an angel held me down
To all its effect.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“I am so glad you’re awake
Once again, Admiral, I so am!”
“What happened? I remember
The sea’s silence and then BAM!”

I had gotten round to being
Awake again after my incident,
Hurt, bruised, shaking and sweating
All the time I spent.

Greak had taken to seeing to it that
I survive the ordeal:
“She told me I had to
And denying her order isn’t so ideal!”

“You did not answer my question,
Former lieutenant Greak,
Listen to my questions
And give me the answers I now seek.”

“Admiral I am so sorry
To say it out and answer to you,
But I am supposed to be busy
And have better work to do.”

I was horrified, and surprised,
At how I was being treated,
I was their Admiral,
A leader of the flag as yet undefeated!

“Thank heavens above,
You’re awake and alive, dear Admiral,
We feared you’d be dead after being so close
To the hull!”

“Greak did not answer me and ignored me,
Know why Captain?”
“More than anything
She was afraid for you, the honey-bun.”

I absolutely did not understand
What Captain Wixen had meant,
So she said: “She’s stuck on you
Trying to make you repent!”

“Make me repent for what
Mistake of mine, I suppose you know?”
“You messed up her work
And then you broke her working flow.”

I switched topics and asked her to explain
To me all events:
From what I had gone through
To how I had come back to sense.

“Oh Admiral how shall I
Break it to you, now that you ask?
I should’ve known that
The Aymar sailed under that mask!”

“Speak clearly woman, and stop
Crying, my head still hurts!”
“Sorry Admiral, I promise
I won’t confuse; by all my shirts!

“The Aymar, I forgot to tell you
About her back in my cabin,
I asked her to meet with us
So that stronger we’d have been.

“I knew I should have kept my distance from it,
I really did,
But I overlooked
The warning signs, I know it was all stupid.”

“Your stupidity, Captain,
Had nearly cost me my dear self!
Your ability as Captain shouldn’t be
Downgraded by your self!”

“Admiral, I’ll always agree
To whatever it is you have to say,
But I’m not stupid Admiral,
I’m much better than you, yea.”

“Egoistic nature on the seas,
It won’t even get us this far.
So keep it mum, and help
Search the sky for the Pole Star.”

“I’m not taking any orders
From a worthless weight like you,
This is my ship, my life:
I’ll do whatever it is I want to do!

“You don’t command me about
On my ship, Admiral, no way sir.
My life is what I make of it –
It is none of your debt to incur.”

“Indeed then you have fallen
Lower than the oceanic fathoms,
Down to where the ocean’s pressure crushes all
Into atoms.”

“Weak of flesh and heart you are
And not a fancy bit more,
You’d die of a simple cut
On that stone heart you always wore.”

“You test my patience
Repeatedly always, Captain, yet so again.
A wound of sword is but transient in time,
But not that of pen.”

“Wise words you speak Admiral,
But yet only fools would think,
Hollow and actionless words of yours,
My superiority does not link.”

“Consider it then
That our only relationship here will end,
Captain, I ask you for mercy –
I ask you as a sincere friend.”

“No more shall you fool me,
Admiral, I know what you desire,
But it’s going to take more than that
To rekindle this fire!”

“Alas! I think we are not
In the same league, I believe.
I don’t want to be burnt
By the cold flame I’d deceive.”

“Your insults are still so soft
Upon me, why is it so?
Why is it that your eyes still
An affection for me show?

“Admiral, I still do not understand you
As I did before,
Why was it that I never killed you
When you washed ashore?

“Perhaps it was something
I saw in the way you talked,
Perhaps I was amazed
By the way everyone around you flocked.

“Whatever the reasons
They may be, I just have to be glad,
To have you on board with me again,
How can I ever be sad?”

Random thoughts strayed into my mind,
Each inducing the next,
“One mug follows another,”
I recalled my pirate-math text.

My thoughts turned to ash
As I burned inside with guilt,
Realising that my hand was clutched
Around my sword-hilt.

Perhaps, I thought, all was wrong
Not by her, but by me,
I was the one out of control,
How didn’t I ever see?

“Perhaps we should end this
Right here and right now,
The time is proper –
Don’t tell me you don’t know how.”

I was shocked at what I had just been told
By my ears,
So much shocked that
I forgot how to spill my fears.

The Wixen wielded her weapon
And unsheathed my own,
“You’ll fight, Admiral,
We’ll fight, right to Davy Jones’.”

“What madness is this, Captain,
I demand to be explained,
This craziness must stop here
And forever be detained!”

“You’ll fight Admiral, I know that
You’ll fight me back,
Don’t say you won’t,
‘Cause when I won’t look you’ll attack!”

“Non-sense Captain, what rubbish
You utter in your speech!”
“Think of what you did;
Then practice what you preach!”

“You can kill me if you want
Captain, don’t expect the same,
My death will forever haunt
And make you scream my name!”

Evil laughter echoed through
The small dingy room:
“Hahaha! I won’t
Even if you bring about my doom!”

“I see no end
To this non-ending talk of ours, Captain.”
“I see an end
To this when I take this ship and the men!”

“Do what you may, I shall forever
Be humbled by your grace,
But Captain,
We waste much time, complete we must this race.”

“He says the truth,
Captain, you have become much arrogant,
His words may still pierce,
But him aside you cannot shunt!”

“Greak, come not
Between the Admiral and I, I order you.
Go to deck
And complete the tasks that I gave you to do.”

Defiance blazed
In the lieutenant’s eyes, fiery brown,
Her gaze was so intense
Even the Wixen had to look down.

“Captain, I mean no disrespect,
But this cannot go further.
Do not kill him,
Otherwise ‘there will be no other’.”

“Do not taunt me, Greak,
I am not here to fight you.”
“Hurt him then not,
Otherwise I will have to smite you.”

Horror swept the Wixen’s face
Clean of all anger and rage,
Her head in her hands
At the war of words Greak did wage.

“If you expect tears Admiral,
Perhaps it is not today.”
“You have forgotten so,
I hate tears and hearts that sway.”

“Indeed I have not, you have
Missed a great big show,
The ocean is filled because of my tears
You made flow.

“Perhaps it is you who have
Forgotten you had swayed,
Away from all that we established
And the prices we paid.

“It is you who has forgotten,
Admiral, it is not I.
Don’t start on this Wixen again,
Because she doesn’t lie.”

“I think that you think
I didn’t think about you at all,
But the fact is you dwelled on me
From morn till night-fall.”

She looked into
My eyes with a soft expression on her face,
“How adorable Admiral,
How adorably you give me disgrace!

“How shamelessly you dare to
Speak a false truth in my eye!
Have I fallen so much
That even to your Captain you’d lie?”

Things began to get out of our hands,
And wishfully into His,
Whatever may happen
However, I just hoped to end all of this.

“So where sails the Aymah
As of this moment, Captain?
We must rendezvous
Sooner than morrow or best at ten.”

“The Aymah cruises these waters
Faster than the fish,
Her trail is destruction
Yet sweeter than liquorice.”

“As it was with our first
Encounter with her, yea?
But I hope it is nothing
Like that again, nay!”

“I doubt it Lieutenant,
I doubt we shall be hurt.
We were caught unawares,
Now we’ll let blood squirt!”

“Careful Captain, we do not yet
Rush into battle,
First we must team up
And sound Friendship’s death-rattle.”

Miles of maps spread on
The navigation table then lay;
The daunting task of following
An ally took all day.

By sundown we were not even close
To thousand miles of her,
With the Lieutenant trying her
Hardest to try and figure.

“Admiral, I think
We may have overshot all of our math,
Seeing as how we thought of the earth
As round not flat!”

“Gravely mistaken we all are,
And indeed you the more,
You do not find the Aymah
But she knocks at your door.

“We must abandon
All attempts to seek her out now,
I suggest
We keep watches at both the stern and bow.”

“It may well be that
You speak an honest truth, Captain,
But we have come too far
To listen to you and be undone!”

“I speak to you
As a Captain should to an Admiral, sir,
Treat me as you would a Captain,
And not as a mangy-cur.”

I shook my head
Leaving her words out of my head,
Trying to not take any offence
To what she said.

“I suggest we do the same
Admiral,” chipped in Greak,
“If truly we need our ally,
Then all ways we must seek.”

Two crewmen each would keep watch
Twice the entire night,
Each pair headed
By the Captain and her aide at her side.

“I shall be down in my cabin,
Hoping to get some sleep.
Wake me up Captain,
If something comes out of the deep.”

Ignored on purpose, I left deck
To my cabin room below,
Formulating battle
Plans if Friendship did herself show.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Admiral, how is it
That yet you have not taken rest?
It’s been more than an hour,
To that I can attest!”

“True it may be Captain,
But it is nothing to care,
Tell me why
You came down, any news you have to share?”

“Nothing much I should say,
Yet there is nothing less.”
Her voice betrayed,
For the first time, I must confess.

“Tell me Captain, truly
From your heart, what you want,
If you won’t, your emotions
In my sleep they will haunt.”

A shock took over her face,
But yet devoid of all emotion,
“How is it that you still can understand
My life’s devotion?”

“Indeed when I am the one
That you cannot live without,
Does it seem like for a moment
That I’d have a doubt?”

A sly smile wiped through
The Wixen’s sleek face,
Still unemotional,
She threw wide open the case.

“You still think, I know it,
With the one that beats,
Overlooking the fact
That it is the one that cheats!

“At one time I did fall
For that strength of yours, yea,
But you put me back on my feet
On that so very unfine day.

“You have taught me Admiral,
To never trust you again,
And to never fall
For your words of mere paper and pen!”

“Captain, I know
What happened between us was wrong,
But still, I cannot stay away
From you for so long!

“Do you not understand,
I cannot let myself fall for you?
I have forgotten what we were
Before and have begun anew!

“Each day since that day
I have been rueing my life,
Trying to stick a bullet in my head
Or cut with a knife.

“Whatever had happened
It was the greatest of all sins,
Victory whether yours or mine,
Neither of us in this wins!

“All I have been asking from you
Is total recompense,
So many nights have I passed
Unable to form a sentence.

“These feelings,
They are not going to let me rest,
They keep hurting me,
Expanding within my chest.

“They keep growing, taking over
And beating my heart,
Mixed feelings of guilt,
Of love, of staying apart.

“They all make efforts to consume
My inner self,
Trying to take me over,
To forget you from myself.

“I have been waiting
Restless so long for only a word,
An inkling from you,
The faintest whisper to be heard.

“What I’d done to you, Captain,
I now totally regret,
It’s slowly becoming something
That I can’t forget!

“You don’t need to be
Clever to see my intentions,
I’m just doing the best
To ease both our tensions.

“Honestly, I’ve begun hating
This, this odd feeling,
This warm feeling
You’ve been giving and stealing.

“All this time, you’re spending
Your time making me,
Trying out moulding,
Then all of a sudden breaking me!

“You already know that
I can only take so much stress,
It is all that I do not need
Anymore: hate in excess.

“I cannot pretend to blame you,
Captain, for all of this,
Captain, so please,
Don’t run away or let us go amiss.”

Written: 2009. It’s incomplete; I got busy with college and couldn’t write more.


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