‘It’s Over. It’s Done.’



Thought I’d upload this here, since I no longer have time to finish this. Still remains the most challenging and fun piece I’ve worked on. The face was a pain to work with, since I have next-to-zero skills on shading and contour outlining. The hair was surprisingly easy after a few tutorials. 🙂

No, it’s not complete, it doesn’t have that ‘pop’, it’s not perfect (and I don’t think it ever will be), but honestly I think I’ll never be able to outdo myself on this. Not to mention this was my first. 🙂 But I’m done after two years. Here’s how I feel:

Fare thee well. Shame, really – I had a lot of hope pinned on this one.

GIFs from: http://l-o-t-r.tumblr.com


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