A fresh and unique set of approaches to Yahoo! logo design


I relate to the ‘engineering college’ design style very well, and have attempted to dabble in the Indian government style design philosophy as well. I might try HR department for kicks. ;D

Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa

Yahoo! recently spent a lot of money on a new logo. In fact, they tried new logos for 30 days before settling on one that looked like a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy milk.



But when I look at the 30 that were rejected in favour of this one, it seems to me that they really didn’t expand their horizons. There are rarefied hill stations of Logo design philosophy that they most definitely did not visit. For instance, did they consider the new Apple iOS7 logo design school of thought?


The iOS7 school promotes

  • Anorexically thin fonts, ones that require electron microscopes to measure thickness
  • Colour gradients that are inspired by hallucinogenic highs

If not iOS7, what about the legendary 2005 school of Microsoft Packaging?


Microsoft (at least in the past) believed in a branding philosophy that was quite similar to their approach to software design in things like MS…

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