I Remember The Passed Year Like It Was Yesterday


Literally, and figuratively. So much has happened in 2013 that I have to be thankful about.

  • I’m not sure how I spent New Year’s Day or Eve when I was in hostel. I was either sleeping or bored. (That’s kind of tradition for me. :P)
  • The college project. I’ve never been through so much hell for the one thing I really gave my all in college. (Correction: That’s not the only thing I’ve given my all and gotten hell for it in college, but more on that later.) I realised a lot about many people more than I learned anything about the project itself. (Eh, not elaborating on this story. Closed chapter. Well met!)
  • College itself. This is a big topic. I could write a novella on it. (National Novel Writing Month topic, dangit!) I learned more life skills than I did about engineering, which is a good thing, I guess. I’m the urban Bear Grylls now.
  • Tronido. That was fun! (No pictures, sadly.) This was an open air concert/club that we set up in the college grounds in place of the cancelled event-whose-name-shall-forever-confuzzle-me. Point of interest: called Tronido, but was more of a hurricane. 😛
  • The drive home. This was the part where I had so many mixed feelings I wasn’t even sure I was being myself in the first place. Looking back, I think I hated the place enough to being to like it, maybe even love it. Stockholm Syndrome? I don’t know – maybe. But I do miss Kollam a lot.
  • Ending The Great Schism. (Yes I know I stole it shamelessly from Halo; so what?)
  • Death of a close friend. I’d written horrible things about him/her/it, and now I’m not sure what to think. I’ve moved on, but for someone who’s warmed me on cold nights, been there to help me with my homework, take my button-pushing and ranting to the end silently, and be a light in dark places when all other lights go out, I don’t think I can ever replace you. At least I have your memories. :’)
  • Eh, not really. The damn hard disk died while I was backing everything up and now I have zero-zilch-zip-nil-nada records of most anything I’d done in college (that means pictures, notes, research papers, recordings… EVERYTHING). The only things that remain are a few backups I’d made in my trips home or on Gmail or Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or orkut or . Sucks. 😦
  • ‘Thank God all our mistakes are burnt up! Now we can start anew!’ YAY!
  • Started reading again, and now I’m obsessed with it. Fifteen books since mid-October.

So what’ll the New Year bring? Happiness? Joy? Fame? Fortune? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I love mysteries, so let’s see how it goes. 😀


  • Read, read, read. At least one novel-sized book or equivalent per week. So at least 52 big books by the end of 2014.
  • Commit to the Janki method. So far it’s working.
  • Exercise, gym. (Hopefully February still sees me continuing!)
  • Balance art, social life, sleep, programming, general geekery, TV watching, spirituality.
  • Try to get an apprenticeship in blacksmithery (is that a word? I don’t think it is.) or some artisan craft (underwater basket-weaving?). Should be fun!

It’s not much, I guess. 😛

(Hope you have a) Happy New Year, folks! 🙂


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