Well. I’m back again. Again.

I don’t know if I should make a new blog (or blogs), to start afresh with a clean canvas so I won’t be wont to being held down by the baggage of sticking to a theme of what I should post. The Karicodist started off as a rant blog, turned to a crap art blog, to a mixed journal/rant/art blog. Then I started The Karicoder to post updates on my programming progress. And then I merged the two into one giant, ugly, hastily slapped together blog that didn’t have a clear idea of what it was trying to be or say or do. It still doesn’t. And so in its confusion, it’s been dead. Or close to it.

Maybe I’ll delete this blog. Maybe I’ll keep it for posterity. Or maybe I’ll make the occasional post here that will promise to keep it updated. Whatever my choice, one thing is true – I need to post again, even if no one reads it.


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